OLTRE society

Design Collection

Creativity is an energy that needs to be nourished and enhanced, always. OLTRE Society Design collection is the guideline for a passionate search which pushes, empowers and brings new ideas to creativity. In this permanent laboratory, the synergy between ideas and craftmanship creates new objects designed to partner
and live together with Society’s textile collections.

OLTRE Society includes projects dedicated to the experimentation and development of new Design products, imagined by Society Limonta’s creative team or in collaboration with artists and designers close to the Brand’s style, philosophy and approach.

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Table setting

To set the table, OLTRE Society features handmade plates and side plates in fine porcelain. With a glossy finishing in the ONDA collection and a matte look in BUTO and GUSCIO, the porcelain is shaped into irregular, contemporary pieces.

Designed by Beatrice Rossetti, Society Limonta Ceramics collection goes hand in hand with ETTA, the elegant wooden napkin rings designed by Dario Antoniali, which bring on the table the weaving shuttle of the loom.


The table is completed with eclectic accessories as unique as the designers who imagined them. Wood and porcelain, shaped by artisan know-how, decorate the table with cutting boards, trays, pitchers and bowls. The delicate crockeries exquisitely dialogue with the wooden cutting boards and with Society’s textiles.

Tea and coffee

Porcelain cups and mugs punctuate the times of the day dedicated to rest and conviviality. BUTO espresso cups and mugs, along with ONDA cups, celebrate the intense taste of tea and the aroma of coffee, adding a refined touch to your breaks.

Home decor

New design shapes are the result of Society’s research on materials. Accessories, vases and candlesticks: design pieces which decorate the house in an unconventional way, establishing new connections between Society’s textile history and the innovation of the OLTRE collection.


Everyday objects, such as the laundry basket and the valet stand, are reinterpreted and transformed into new design pieces. A practical extension of the textile collections, they represent Society’s vision and identity by mixing design, research on textiles and functionality.