Oh, my dear, I’m waiting for you here.
Winter is in no hurry.
And, while waiting, I live my time. I play with it, I dilate it,
In this lazy journey towards you.
I shower in the ‘60s. Or maybe it’s tomorrow.
I cuddle in lilac and dusty greys,
I dive into the deep blue and the sage green,
In a diluted brown fading to pink.
I don’t know where or when I am. Does it matter?
In this timeless day,
I’m waiting for you.
Oh, my dear, I’m waiting for you here.


The bed of the Society Limonta Fall Winter 21/22 collection is inspired by the 70s.
The patterns on printed pillowcases and jacquard duvet cover and pillowcases are inspired by textiles from the ‘60s, the ‘70s and the ‘80s. Linea blanket is made of grosgrain wool, while Scot throw of jaspè wool. The chevron pattern of parallel zigzag lines decorates pillow cases and duvet covers.




The prints on the tablecloths of the Society Limonta Fall Winter 21/22 collection stop time.
Eccentric and asymmetric patterns printed on pure, exquisite and natural fabrics. Haus divides
the table in two chromatically
opposite sections with its pattern from the ’60s
inspired by the Bauhaus.

Dining room

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In the fall winter 21/22 bathroom by Society Limonta, linen, the purest fibre, is woven to become a thick and dry terry towel that embraces your skin, your thoughts, your dreams. Relaxing moments waiting for an emotion already there.


OLTRE Society Design Collection completes the lifestyle with new objects within the creative team or the result of collaboration with artists and designers similar to Society in taste and philosophy.

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