Spring Summer 2024

Two light shades, one warm and one cold, colour the Mediterranean landscape that inspires Society Limonta’s Spring – Summer collection. “Affinità” tells the two separate stories of the neutral and the seasonal colour palettes, that meet for the first time, contaminating and influencing each other, creating a SS collection with two unusually neutral seasonal nuances, lit up by more saturated tones such as Kiwi, Mais, Cielo, Oleandro, Azalea and Ribes.

The very names of the colours reveal the collection’s synesthetic intent: the bright green of Kiwi reminds of the freshness of the fruit; Mais is not only a desaturated yellow tone, but  a sweet and delicate flavour; Oleandro and Azalea flowers add colour to a garden with fragrances from the blooming spring season; a wild currant plant, with its unmistakable red berries, releases a bittersweet taste; lastly, the neutral seasonal colours, Delfino and Juta, evoke the tactile sensations of the smooth skin of a dolphin and the imperfection and strenght of the natural textile fibre.